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спросил(а) 06 Март shengli (300 баллов)
Specification: 85, 95, 100, 110 GSM
Weight:   85-110 GSM +/- 5%
Weave:   8 x 8 Mesh
Color:     White / Black or White / Tan
Printing:  Up to 4 colors, up to 108" wide
Weathering:   UV stabilizer added

Polyethylene lumber wraps are made from HDPE and LDPE. The HDPE resins are extruded and cut into tapes, then woven into a fabric with our water jet looms. The woven fabric is then laminated with LDPE resin. The strength of the fabric depends on the mesh count.

Lumber Wrap is used for the loading/unloading, hauling and storage of wood materials and products as well as metallic products, among its many uses. Our woven Polyethylene Lumber Wrap can customize the protective wrap for thickness, length and mesh per your requirements. Our PE Lumber Wrap is weather and sunlight resistant and ideal for long-term storage. Customized lumber wraps printed with your logo are available.

Our lumber wraps are pretreated with Ultra Violet Inhibitor (UVI) to provide extended resistance to sunlight degradation. Whether you are transporting your lumbers by rail or truck, your product will remain clean and dry with our polyethylene or polypropylene wraps. It also remains flexible at temperatures as low as -40°.

Moisture resistant
Inhibits Mold Growth
UVI treated for extended resistance to sunlight
Fabric 8 x 8 mesh, Thickness 85-110 GSM +/- 5%
Printable up to 4 Colors and 108" in width
Mesh, thickness and length of the roll can be customized
Black / white or white / tan color available
Rolls can be C - folded or Lay flat
Lay-Flat Rolls up to 9' wide x 1000' long
UVI (Ultraviolet Inhibitors
Applicable to klin dried lumber, treated wood, OSB, plywood, export shipments, remanufactured items, other building materials etc.weed matting manufacturers China

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