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Products details:
Villa video door phone
1. Press to intercom with indoor monitor.
2. Remote unlock from indoor monitor.
3. ID keys to unlock.
4. Night version
5. Two ways intercom
Video door phone indoor unit: KED
Details◆ Colorful CMOS camera
◆ Material: metal frame+Acrylic
◆ Communication interface: RJ-45
◆ Installation: Flush mounted
◆ Working Temperature: -35℃ to +60℃
◆ Weather-proof, explosion-proof and durable.
◆ Low power consumption, no radiation, environment friendly.
◆ Night vision.
Video door phone indoor unit: PKD
Details◆ 7 inch color LCD screen with high definition.
◆ RJ45 connection.
◆ Answer the call to watch video, hear the voice and unlock the door.
◆ Enclosed with bracket, screws, cables for DIY installation.
◆ Simple and elegant designs with high quality.
1. How to install One to One System:
2. How to install One to more system(top to four monitors):
Q. Can you accept sample order?
A: Yes, we accept small orders.
Q. What's ETA time?
A: For samples orders, we usually have stock, so we can ship samples within 2-3 days. For bulk order, we can deliver products within 25 days.
Q. How long warranty you provide for your products?
A: Yes, we promise 2 years warranty for all our products.
Q. How can we pay by T/T?
A: Yes, we accept bulk order payment by T/T, for samples payment, we accept by paypal.Video Door Phone manufacturers

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